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Application Deadline is November 28, 2014

The Connecticut Tree Protective Association is happy to again be offering the opportunity to apply for the CTPA Arborist Scholarship to students at the college level who are engaged in studying arboriculture or urban forestry.  Since its initiation in 2001, this Scholarship has been awarded twenty times, to students of demonstrated potential and commitment to trees and tree care.  In each case, these young men and women have continued on with their education and moved on towards their career goals. 

CTPA is very pleased for having had a role to play in helping these worthy young people along this path.  We also look forward to receiving the next set of applications for the 2014 Arborist Scholarship.

Information on Previous Winners:
2012 2011
2010 2009
2008 2007
2006 2005
2004 2003
2002 2001


The Winners of the 2013 CTPA Arborist Scholarships 

Hunter Dolyak 

Hunter is a first year student at Paul Smith's College in upstate New York, where he is studying to earn his Associate's Degree in Arboriculture and Landscape Management. 

Hunter's goal is to become an arborist.  As Hunter expresses it, "the reason I want to become an arborist is that I have a passion for trees". This is a goal he has nurtured through his young, working career, including time spent working for Connecticut Arborist, Inc. 

Hunter credits work at this company as teaching him the importance of hard work and of being a part of a crew.  There, he also learned important skills, including those associated with being a climber and doing bucket work.  Indeed, he talks about being a climber on a crane removal, during which a 60 foot tall hickory was taken down.  That, he describes, was one of the biggest rushes he ever had as a climber.

Hunter is from Sandy Hook.  In addition to being a good arborist, he also aspires to be a leader in his community, a trait that he developed during his high school years as captain of Newtown High's hockey team during both his junior and senior years.  He appreciates the importance of knowledge and of stepping up to do the job, and looks forward to contributing however he can, including in the field of tree care.

John Campanelli 

John is very clearly a young man in motion, who commits a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to anything he does, and who is now very committed to a career that will involve arboriculture, horticulture and trees.  Currently he is a student at Naugatuck Valley Community College.  In the fall he looks to move on to the University of Connecticut, to earn a Bachelor's degree in horticulture with a minor in landscape design.  This would be his second Bachelor's, as he graduated in 1999 magna cum laude with a degree in English Literature.


John might say he came to trees and arboriculture by accident.  Following his graduation from Columbia, he worked as a carpenter, until an injury and surgery forced him to take time off.  It was during his recovery that he began during landscape work, and came to appreciate how complex and engaging it can be to work with plants and with nature.  Self-employment as a landscaper led him to an appreciation of doing things the right way, which in turn led him to Naugatuck Valley so that he could commit himself to the study of arboriculture and horticulture.


John is well on his way to developing an integrated view of the landscape around him, including the interactions of plants, people, the human environment and the things that skilled professionals can do the influence these interactions.  His interests range from green roofs to integrated pest management to the role of native plants.  He seeks to be well-rounded as a professional.  In addition to seeking his arborist license, he is certified as a Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional, thanks in part to his current employment at Planters' Choice Nursery in Newtown.

There Were No Scholarship Recipients in 2012


The Winners of the 2011 CTPA Arborist Scholarships

Joseph Mullen            Nicholas Kopyscinki            Niko Sotil

Joseph Mullen

Joe is receiving the CTPA Arborist Scholarship for the second time - testimony to his continued dedication to studying about trees and arboriculture.  He has proven himself to be an excellent student, with a high grade point average and very good recommendations from his professors.  Dr. Kane, one of Joe�s professors at UMass Amherst, cites his work with a tree care company in Connecticut over the past summer as a major contributor to Joe's progress.  He predicts that, in the future, Joe "will be a valuable member of the arboriculture community".  

The people who know Joe describe him as a hardworking individual, a self-starter, with a tremendous work ethic and well-established set of principles.  Confident and competent, he is seen as a natural leader with a strong ability to motivate and energize others.

Joe also looks forward to bringing his skills, knowledge and talents back to Connecticut and becoming part of the tree care community.

Nicholas Kopyscinski

Nicholas is a 3 time recipient of the CTPA Arborist Scholarship.  Nicholas is a senior at Unity College in Maine, where he is finishing up a double major in Landscape Horticulture and Forestry.  Described by his major advisor as "one of my most conscientious students", Nick is also known for being polite, intelligent and well-spoken. 

From his own writings, it is clear that Nick's course work is taking him in new directions.  He writes of the work he has done planting trees, diagnosing tree problems, dealing with vines and other obtrusive plant growth, and analyzing soil conditions as they affect trees.  He also talks of his plans to work either in the landscape horticulture industry or for a tree care company.  His summertime employer, a retail nursery in Connecticut, backs up Nick's confidence in this future, terming him "a quick learner dedicated to a career in the horticulture field."

Niko Sotil

Niko is a first-time recipient of the CTPA Arborist Scholarship and a second year student at UMass Amherst, where he is majoring in arboriculture.  He comes from a tree care family and has dreams of someday joining his father's business and expanding it, bringing to it all of the training that he is now receiving as part of his studies.


Niko's academic work is solid and he has received the strong support of Dr. Dennis Ryan.  Niko cites his work as an intern over the summer as critical to his development as an arborist.  During this past summer, with a year of school behind him, working for a tree care company, he found himself able to climb with consistent confidence.  He also gained valuable experience working around a crane and around a bucket truck. 

Niko puts a lot of stock in the importance of hard-work, doing things right and attention to detail.  From all accounts, his future in arboriculture appears to be very bright.     


The Winners of the 2010 CTPA Arborist Scholarship (with details following)

Alex J. Graver

Joe Mullen

Alex J. Graver 

As Alex explains it, he has been interested in trees for his whole life.  That is not hard, as his Dad, Bruce Graver, runs a tree care company, and Alex has been around trees and tree work for about as long as he can remember.  As the son of an arborist, Alex often helped with tree work, but did not really focus on a future in tree care until very recently.  Instead, he was an award winning football player in high school, including being All-Conference two years in a row.  His college plans originally focused on furthering his opportunities to play football.

That is, until a tornado hit his hometown of Wethersfield this past summer.  Suddenly, Alex was working 11 hour days and realizing how much he loved the work.  It was then he made the decision to change college plans and enroll in the Stockbridge School at the University of Massachusetts, in order to dedicate himself towards becoming the best arborist he could.

Those who recommended Alex for this scholarship are unanimous in citing his work ethic, his dedication, his leadership and his integrity.  They point out that, not only did he earn football honors through his hard work and determination, but that he also received academic recognition for his efforts. 

In his own comments, Alex talks about the plans he has for his future in arboriculture.  It is clear that he intends to bring the same focus, intensity and desire he has shown elsewhere to his pursuit of arboriculture. 

Joseph Mullen 

Joe�s involvement in arboriculture comes out of his younger years working and living on his grandfather�s farm in Portland.  As a young man, he loved to walk the woods on the farm, where he would also cut firewood.  Through work and through observation, Joe got to know the differences among trees in a very close-up way.  Joe is also a self-starter, who in high school designed, developed and operated three different businesses that drew on his love of agriculture and of trees, all while doing well academically. 

It was a guidance counselor in high school who encouraged Joe to attend the Stockbridge School at UMass, where, as Joe puts it, a whole new world of trees has opened up for him.  Not only is he learning much more about trees through the study of science and natural history, he is also learning how the techniques of modern arboriculture give him the ability to work with trees in a much better way than he knew previously.  It is apparent that Joe is already making very good use of his time in Amherst, and that he will carry what he learns into a solid future.

Joe is also described as a very hardworking individual, with a tremendous work ethic and well-established set of principles.  Confident and competent, he is described as a natural leader with a strong ability to motivate and energize others.

Joe also looks forward to bringing his skills, knowledge and talents back to Connecticut and becoming part of the tree care community.


The Winners of the 2009 CTPA Arborist Scholarship (with details following)

Daniel Lee Watkins

Nicholas Kopyscinski

Marlyse Dugvid

Daniel Watkins 

When Dan first applied for a CTPA Arborist Scholarship, he was a freshman at the Stockbridge School at the University of Massachusetts, majoring in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry.  He is now in his fourth year of study, having moved on to the College of Natural Resources and the Environment at UMass, where he is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Urban Forestry.  While studying, Dan is also working full-time at Arborworks, his fathers tree care business in Hartland. 

Dan continues to distinguish himself at UMass, where he has kept his grade point average high and where he continues to earn the respect and commendations of his professors.  Dan is very thankful for all of the assistance that the CTPA has already provided to him.  Following college, Dan plans to return to Connecticut and to continue his career in arboriculture and urban forestry. 


Nicholas Kopyscinski 

Nick, who received an Arborist Scholarship from CTPA last year, is now a sophomore at Unity College in Maine.  He continues work towards a double major degree in Landscape Horticulture and Forestry.  Nick brings a variety of backgrounds to his studies, including extensive greenhouse experience.  His first year of study has only strengthened his enthusiasm towards his studies, as he looks eagerly towards his goal of starting his own business in landscape horticulture.  Nick also looks to teach others about this field of work.

Meanwhile, Nick continues to work at Woodland Gardens in Manchester.  Leon Sapadka, the owner, describes Nick as an intelligent and well-spoken young man who is very interested in pursuing a career in horticulture.  CTPA is very pleased to help Nick along towards his goal.


 Marlyse Dugvid

Marlyse is a Masters Student in Forestry at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.  She has returned to school as a non-traditional student, after graduating with a degree in horticulture and working for nine years at Oliver Nurseries in Fairfield.  It is clear from her application that Marlyse has much to offer with regards to the care of trees in Connecticut.  A professor at the School of Forestry describes her as one of her hardest working students.  This professor tells how Marlyse is someone who is dedicated to her community and who has gone out of her way to set up independent projects that help local land trusts.  Marlyse describes herself in terms of her strong interest in education and outreach, in organic land care methods and with having an impact on her community through writing, consulting and advocacy.

Marlyse is a lifelong Connecticut resident who, by her efforts, has shown a strong commitment to achieving her goals including through her work at Oliver Nurseries and her returning to school.  CTPA is pleased to be able to help Marlyse towards those goals through the award of this Scholarship

The Winners of the 2008 CTPA Arborist Scholarship

Daniel Lee Watkins

Nicholas Kopyscinski


The Winners of the 2007 CTPA Arborist Scholarship

Daniel Lee Watkins

Ryan Gilmore Roberts

(note - Mr. Watkins and Mr. Roberts also received CTPA Arborist Scholarships in 2006.)

2006 and 2007 Scholarship Winners Dan Watkins and Ryan Roberts wait to be introduced by CTPA Board member Don Parrott. (Photo is from the 2006 Annual Meeting.)

Ryan Gilmore Roberts 

Ryan, who is from Avon, CT, is currently a student at the Stockbridge School at the University of Massachusetts, studying arboriculture.  He comes to working outdoors and with trees naturally, as his father owned Roberts Landscaping in Newington.  Ryan recalls working with his dad in this business as far back as he can remember. 

Sadly, Ryans father recently passed away.  However, Ryan has continued to apply himself, further developing his skills and professionalism through his work at Stockbridge and also at Winding Trails Recreation Park in Farmington, where he has taken on responsibilities for maintaining and removing trees in that extensive and heavily used park. 

Ryan has received strong support from his professors at the Stockbridge School and from his supervisor at Winding Trails.  His grades are good, and the recommendations he has received are reflective of his character and qualifications.  Ryan looks forward to becoming licensed in Connecticut and preparing himself for the day he can follow in his fathers footsteps and own his own tree care business. 

Daniel Lee Watkins

Dan is a freshman at the Stockbridge School at the University of Massachusetts, majoring in arboriculture and urban forestry.  He is from Hartland, where he has been exposed to tree care from an early age, as his father owns and runs The ArborWorks in that town.  Eventually, Dan worked full-time for his dad during summers growing up. 

Dan has been distinguishing himself at Stockbridge, where he is a solid B student.  His School Counselor at Granby High School describes Dan as a diligent and focused young man who is more attentive to his future career than any other senior with whom she has worked.  At Stockbridge, this shows, not just in his strong academic work but also in his holding 3 part-time jobs to allow him to continue his work at school. 

Following college, Dan plans to return to Connecticut to practice arboriculture as a career.  In his statement, he writes, Being raised in an arborists family has given me a passion for trees that will last for the rest of my life.  He hopes some day to make the type of valuable contribution to tree care that he learned about growing up and that he is coming to better understand at Stockbridge. 

The Winners of the 2006 CTPA Arborist Scholarship

Ryan G. Roberts

Daniel Lee Watkins


The Winner of the 2005 CTPA Arborist Scholarship

Douglas T. Zitnay  

Doug, from Easton , CT , is a senior in the Urban Forestry program at the University of Massachusetts .  He is currently working on a Bachelors Degree, after having earned an Associates of Science Degree with honors, in turf grass management.  

Dougs experience working with trees goes back a long time.  As a ten year old, he assisted his great-uncle on his Christmas tree farm.  One of his early lessons in tree care came when he and his uncle had to cut down and burn all of the Frazier fir in the Christmas tree farm, due to a disease outbreak.  Trees also played a role in his Eagle Scout honors, as part of his service towards that award involved removing bittersweet from cedar trees in a town park.  

While Doug feels a strong pull towards the turf side of the green industry his first job was on the greens staff at Brooklawn Country Club in Fairfield , and his ultimate goal is to become a golf course superintendent he is well aware of the role of trees and tree care in a well-managed landscape.  His experiences with arboriculture has made him a strong advocate for the importance of trees, including on golf courses, as well as impressing on him the need for individual plant health care and for integrated pest management.  

Dougs professors and former employers have all recommended him highly.  CTPA is proud to present Doug Zitnay with its 2005 Arborist Scholarship.

The Winner of the 2004 CTPA Arborist Scholarship

Andrew E. Marchion

Andrew, who is a first-year student at the Stockbridge School at the University of Massachusetts , comes naturally to tree care.  His father, Ed Marchion, is a principal in Marchion & Faucher, a tree care company based in Newington .  In his application essay, Andrew wrote very movingly of his early experiences at the shop as he swept the shop floor, cleaned out the truck cabs and washed the vehicles.

Clearly, tree care has become a major part of Andrews life and aspirations.  As he has continued to work in tree care with his Dads company, he has graduated to running saws, chippers and stump grinders, he has earned his CDL and he has worked with the crews as a groundman.  Based on these experiences, Andrew chose to begin study at the Stockbridge School this past fall.  At Stockbridge, he has impressed Dr. Dennis Ryan, Professor of Arboriculture, who gave Andrews application his unreserved support.

Andrew has achieved accomplishments in other aspects of his life as well.  He is a black belt in karate, earned high honors at Conard High School and was also a four-year member of both the lacrosse and the football team at Conard. 

Andrew is also busy planning his future.  When he graduates from the Stockbridge School , he plans to continue to continue in tree care in Connecticut .  His initial plans are to help his father in his business and to further the message of proper tree care.

The CTPA is pleased to award the 2004 Arborist Scholarship to Andrew Marchion, and we wish him great success as he pursues his career goals in arboriculture.


The Winners of the 2003 CTPA Arborist Scholarship 

 Jeffrey R. Perotti

 Jeff, who is repeating as a CTPA Arborist Scholarship winner, is from Sharon, CT.  Jeff is now a senior at the University of Massachusetts, who expects to graduate this spring with a Bachelor of Science degree and a major in Urban Forestry. 

 Jeffs rsum in tree care includes working for the Monroe Tree Company in Sharon, CT, and the Haupt Tree Care Company in Sheffield, MA.  He credits Scott Monroe with helping him learn to become a climber, and Jeff expresses appreciation to both companies for assisting him as he has honed his skills as a developing tree care professional.   

 Jeff continues to do interesting things as he prepares himself for his career within the tree care field.  He has already received his Connecticut Arborist License and has been certified in Massachusetts.  This past summer, he worked as a tree worker in Anchorage, Alaska, exploring what his professional skills allow him to do, in terms of travel and opportunities for experience.  Currently, he subcontracts tree work in and around his hometown of Sharon, learning yet more about the various personalities and people-skills that are a part of the profession. 

 Jeffs ultimate goals remain the same, however to return home to Litchfield County, to continue learning and working everyday, and, someday, to own his own private tree care company.  CTPA is very pleased to be able to assist Jeff as he strives towards his goals.

 Zachary McArthur

 Zach, from Lakeville, CT, is also a student at the University of Massachusetts.  He is majoring in Arboriculture.  Zachs background, references and scholarship application all tell the same story that of an independent, goal-oriented young man who is focused on arboriculture and, especially, on the field aspects of tree work, and is working hard to move himself forward in this field. 

 Zachs drive to succeed in the green industry goes back to the seventh grade, when he started a lawn service with a friend.  His work with the Monroe Tree Company in Sharon was the key to solidifying his  interest in arboriculture, which in turn led him to attend the Stockbridge School at UMass.  Zachs drive has paid off in other ways, as well.  He has represented UMass twice at the Student Society of Arboriculture championships, culminating in his winning the working climb competition in November of 2002. 

 It is not only trees and tree care that motivates Zach, however.  He is also a volunteer fireman in his hometown of Lakeville, a hockey referee and an assistant coach for the local peewee team.  As for what he wants to bring to his profession, Zach cites a contribution to safety as first among his goals, followed closely by a concern for saving trees.  His work with children and with other professionals also leads Zach to cite the desire to pass on knowledge as one of his goals.

 CTPA is also very pleased to be able to assist Zach as he develops as a professional. 

The Winners of the 2002 CTPA Arborist Scholarship

Kristeena DiPasquale


CTPA Announces the First Winner of its Arborist Scholarship

During its recent Annual Meeting, the Connecticut Tree Protective Association announced Ms. Kristeena DiPasquale as the first winner of the soon-to-be-annual CTPA Arborist Scholarship.  The winner of this first scholarship is a resident of Berlin, CT and a third-year student at the University of Massachusetts Stockbridge School.   

Kristeena DiPasquale receives congratulations and her check from CTPA President Mark Sullivan

Kristeena DiPasquale is congratulated by CTPA President Mark Sullivan at the Association's recent Annual Meeting.

 Kristeena was already familiar to many members of the tree care community in Connecticut.  Over the past summers she has worked out of the Guilford office of Bartlett Tree Experts and the Norwalk office of Alpine, The Care of Trees.  Among her many accomplishments, she placed 2nd overall in the 2000 TCI Student Competition (1st in the Workers Climb and 1st in Safety Equipment), and she has distinguished herself academically while a student at UMass.  Her volunteer activities are numerous, and include being a volunteer firefighter, tutor and Special Olympics assistant. 

 As the winner of the scholarship, Kristeena received a check for $1,000 from the Oscar P. Stone Research Trust Fund.  The members of CTPA wish Kristeena great success, as she will certainly have much to add to our profession.  CTPA is glad to be able to provide this support for her studies.

(the following section describes the CTPA Scholarship, and includes a link to last year's application form)